Just BCC us@inthority.com

Inthority is an email-based tracking solution for busy professionals.

Sending a Referral

You better follow-up to make sure your client was taken care of.

Sending a Referral

Receiving a Referral

Do you know who your best referral sources are? What data do you have?

Receiving a Referral

New Client Lead

Track your leads so you do not forget.

New Client Lead

General Reminders

Inthority is the easiest way to set a reminder. Just BCC us, that’s it.

General Reminders

What happens after you BCC us

1. Top of the Inbox

Like magic, at the exact right time we will email you back a reminder notification to take action with a copy of the original email.

2. Organized Monthly Reports

You will receive a monthly report with a breakdown of all your sent and received referrals, client leads, and follow-up tasks. We organize and present your data for you.

We've made it as easy as possible to use Inthority

No passwords

No registration

No mobile app

No data entry

No logging in

No social media posting

No profiles

No credit cards

No hassle

Inthority was built by busy professionals for busy professionals

"I had tried a thousand systems, but could never keep track of my referrals and leads. I'd email them and then try to remember to enter data into my CRM. It never worked. Inthority has been a godsend."

Justin B., Financial Planner

"I just needed something simple. I primarily communicate with my clients by email and I often just have my phone away from the office. Inthority helps me manage my to-do's on the go."

Jasmine W., Lawyer

To get started... just BCC us@inthority.com on the next email you want to track.

That's literally it.